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The solution QoE for entreprises

The solution Sandvine provides real-time visibility and historical data of a networks performance.

IoT Supervision

Adding an additional layer of managed service to your infrastructure?

IPSIP monitors continuously white label your IT infrastructure 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Why choose Sandvine ?

The leading intelligent traffic management solution Sandine manages networks for global major operators through tailor-made services.

QoE Scoring

Go beyond traditional network measurement and implement an assessed standard of Quality of Experience (QoE) focused on applications.

Monitoring application health

Accurately record the number of subscribers, QoE score, average throughput, packet loss, app latency, on a per subscriber basis as well as through other parameters.

Analyzing network trends

Examine network trends – a long-term vision for network health.

Offering an overview of the network

Deploy a location-based network overview with exploration capabilities.

Would you like to improve the quality of your clients or your employees' experience?

Sandvine supports operators to enhance their clients’ Quality of Experience (QoE) by analyzing the network traffic to identify the most popular applications and content. These insights allow operators to take immediate actions to optimize applications and content performance, which leads to a greater user experience.

Customized technological reality

Sandvine applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze network traffic and identify the most popular applications and contents. What are the specific use examples?

  • Enhance video streaming speed and reliability
  • Reduce network congestion during peak hours
  • Forecast DDoS attacks
  • Personalize advertisements and marketing promotions

So, would you like to know what is really happening on your network ?

Do you want to explore other options ?



Redefine your wide-area network with our expertise in SD-WAN by prioritizing your applications and optimizing telecom link for a seamless and responsive connectivity.


Cellular Logistic and Integration

Throughout the pre-configuration, integration, and deployment stages of your network solutions, our team provides continuous support. We offer to manage your remote stock, configure your equipment, and expedite shipments within 24 hours.


Edge Computing & Virtualization

Discover the robust future of decentralized IT with our expert in Edge Computing, an innovative approach allowing data to be processed closer to their sources for optimal performance and unmatched responsiveness.