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A Trusted partner for your career

IPSIP is committed to accompanying you throughout your professional career.

A personalized professional career path allowing employees to develop their skill sets and achieve their career goals.
Accessible management and tracking of progress enable your career path to thrive.
Career perspectives offer employees an opportunity to grow their careers.
An annual workplan allows employees to evaluate their performance and set objectives for personal development.

Why should you work for IPSIP?

IPSIP was founded 14 years ago by the two current leaders of the company. They are close with their team and actively involved in the daily life of the enterprise.

IPSIP, a small-sized company, cultivates a work culture that values the proximity, exchange and co-operation while maintaining the international and multi-ethnic culture. Employees are actively involved in the social life of the company and are encouraged to take initiative at work.

IPSIP invests in the training and development of employees allowing them to stay up-to-date on the latest technological advancements and to progress in their careers.

Job opportunities

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A Word from the Director

Since its foundation in 2009, IPSIP is dedicated on maintaining a balance between technological proactivity and customer satisfaction. We constantly challenge ourselves to achieve excellence.
We are in search of dedicated and multi-cultural team members who reflect our core values in order to prosper in an international context.

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Stéphane Augis

CEO & co-foundeur

Our HR policy

IPSIP implements policies of respect for diversity and workplace well-being.

As an example, our principles are:

We strengthen the diversity of our teams to fight against all types of discriminations. We support the integration of young people into the world of work through our internship and apprenticeship programs and promote our profession to the female audience.