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NDR (Network Detection & Response)

NDR is an essential element of network security. It helps detect threats which would bypass firewalls and other traditional network security solutions.

Our NDR can be applied for self-hosted, hybrid, multi-cloud, containerized and IoT environments. It is configured to optimize, simplify, and automate the workflow of security analysts. Our dynamic cyber defense platform helps detect threats 83% more rapidly and stop them 87% faster by using a cloud-based AI for threat detection and response.

IoT Supervision

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What are the benefits of our NDR ?


Improved threat detection

NDR helps detect threats which bypass firewalls and other traditional network security solutions in real time. It can catch complex threats such as sneak attacks and network-scale attacks.

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More efficient security costs

NDR helps reduce security costs by decreasing the number of false positive generated. It also streamlines security processes, which liberates resources for other tasks.

Faster incident response

NDR helps respond more rapidly to security incidents. It provides security teams with comprehensive network visibility, which allows them to identify and contain threats faster.

How and why to choose the right NDR solution?

Some criteria for choosing the right NDR solution include its compatibility with existing systems, its ease of use, its customizability of solutions, its security, and its reliability.

But what does this actually mean in practice?

Financial and IT advantages include: 

Reducing exposure to threats and preventing financial and reputational losses associated with major data breaches due to ransomware attacks.

Empowering SOC team with efficient tools to optimize threat detection and response.

Enhancing IT performance through a single workflow for threat detection, response and investigation.

Addressing compliance deficiencies.

Revenue savings with a single and powerful tool for detection and response which can perform though both on-premises, via cloud and through hybrid environments.

Monitoring threats to IoT devices, on which the endpoint security is not installed.

Support your digital transformation projects by building solid and secure IT foundations.

NDR, a clear insight into the network

NDR applies advanced analysis techniques including the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning for threat detection. It helps detect threats which are hardly identifiable by traditional methods.

Like the Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), the NDR solutions do not prevent monitoring activities. Instead, they focus on addressing attacks before they cause serious damages to systems. NDR differs from EDR in significant ways: NDR does not use software agents to collect data on malicious activities, but rather analyze network traffics on on-premises and cloud-based workloads.

IoT Supervision

24/7 monitoring for your network

We continuously monitor the performance, service continuity and the integration of your IT infrastructure 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Do you want to explore other options ?


Security for physical and virtual infrastructures, on-site or in the cloud.

Domain protection

Attacks prevention: malicious domain names are blacklisted as upon detection.


Cybersecurity strategy, focusing on endpoints, enables timely detection and response to threats. 


Management of privileged accounts, access, and passwords.

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