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Double Key Encryption

Protect your data in Cloud and control your encryption keys to prevent data loss caused by malicious hosting administrators.

Ensures compliance with data protection legislation without costly and time-consuming migration.

What are benefits of our solution?

Ease of use

Simplify the process of managing encryption keys and the implementation of robust security measures without requiring technical expertise. 


Improved data protection

The MPC (Multi-Party Computation) modular adds an additional security layer allowing you to manage and store your encryption keys in a desired location, which significantly reduces the risk of data loss.

Full control of keys

Offer full control of your encryption keys, which helps restrict the access of sensitive data to only authorized users.

Seamless Integration

The solution SaaS seamlessly integrates with HSM, which offers highly secure and tamper-proof storage of cryptographic keys while enhancing the overall data’s security infrastructure.

DuoKey is the only SaaS solution offering full control of your keys in an on-premise HSM, on cloud HSM or through decentralized services (MPC).

DuoKey, enhanced security, enhanced control

DuoKey adds an additional layer of security to your sensitive data, your confidential data will remain unreadable to unauthorized individuals regardless of where stored.

You can achieve compliance with RGPD, HIPAA, … 

and the requirements and the encryption/decryption are transparent to users. 


DuoKey is the only SaaS interface to manage keys of:

  • Your Office365 documents
  • Your AWS, Azure, GCP services
  • Your CRM SalesForce
  • Your SQL databases
  • Your virtual machines VMWare
  • Your Master Keys in HashiCorp Vault
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Starting from


Apportez une couche de sécurité supplémentaire à vos documents Office365 stockés dans le Cloud avec le chiffrement à double clé DuoKey

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