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Edge computing & Virtualization

Edge computing consists of moving the processing and storage of a portion of their data closer to the location where data is generated, instead of sending data to cloud. Reducing latency and enhancing critical application performance.

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IPSIP offers an edge computing virtualization solution which allows enterprises to deploy local artificial intelligence applications and services. This solution is based on a platform that virtualizes servers, networks, and storage through optical transport equipment. This platform is integrated through our management and orchestration solution to support enterprises by creating customized edge computing environments to meet their specific needs. The integrated solution offered by IPSIP have various advantages, including:

  • Latency reduction: applications and services are brought closer to data sources, which helps reduce latency and improve performance.
  • Data security improvement: Data is stored and processed locally, which helps lower security risks.
  • Efficiency boost: the solution is scalable and flexible, which enables enterprises to adapt to new market demands.
It provides a wide variety of applications and services, in particular:
  • Video surveillance: the solution is applied to analyze real-time images for incident detection.
  • Asset management: the solution allows collection and analysis of equipment data to enhance efficiency.
  • Regulation: the solution can be used to collect and analyze sensor data to monitor environments.

Edge computing is a major technological advance which can revolutionize data processing methods. It enables reducing costs related to telecom and cloud operators in two ways:

  • By reducing bandwidth usage; roaming and transit tariffs will be saved accordingly.
  • By decreasing dependency of enterprises on cloud infrastructure, subscription and usage fees will be reduced.

Edge computing, the solution for network and application optimization.

Edge computing is the latest technological advancement which brings multiple advantages to enterprises. It enables optimizing network and application performances, security, and cost saving.

If you would like to know more about edge computing and the ways it can support your business thrive, let’s get in touch with us today. Our experts are pleased to give advice and provide adequate supports to find a comprehensive IT solution for your enterprise.

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