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Cellular logistic and Integration

The process of configuring network equipment before they are shipped is the key element to optimizing your supply chain.

IoT Supervision

Would you like to add a 24/7 monitoring service to your network?

Our service center monitors our clients’ infrastructures.

Our Command Logistic expertise

With a solid track record of IT distribution, we have sufficient skills and tools to handle effectively and efficiently orders.

We also apply a tracing system to track products at every stage of the supply chain. We can deliver your parcels within 24 hours across Europe and worldwide. Our teams, who are trained in core network, telecom, and cybersecurity technologies, are capable of pre-configuring the switches, routers, firewall… for you or your clients. We provide you, thus, a plug and play solution!

Cellular logistic and Integration/ configuration, our expertise, your success

Save time by ordering pre-configured equipment.

So, are you ready to optimize your supply chain?

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Redefine your wide-area network with our expertise in SD-WAN by prioritizing your applications and optimizing telecom link for a seamless and responsive connectivity.


Edge Computing & 

Discover the future of decentralized computing power with our expertise in Edge Computing, an innovative approach that places data processing closer to its source for optimal performance and unmatched responsiveness.


Antenne réseau

QoE entreprise et opérateurs

Real-time and historical application visibility of your network performance data.