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Information Monitoring

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Your information system serves as the backbone of your organization, it must be kept online 24/7.

Wy do you need our 24/7 IT service centers?

The evolution of applications, digital services and user habits is vital for the health of business activities but monitoring IT infrastructure becomes more complex for Directors of Information Systems (DSI).



The main mission of our certified IT experts is to efficiently uncover vulnerabilities of your IT systems. Our IT management plans are customized depending on your strategic business objectives, specific needs, and budget constraints.

Digital planet


Our team actively intervenes to prevent potential issues and minimize compromising security risks. Our ISO 27001 Certification demonstrates that our company follows international best practices strictly in order to safeguard the security of your information system as well as commits to continuously preserving high standards of management.

Coût réseau

Cost optimization

We proactively implement monitoring strategies, preventive maintenance, and effective incident management to prevent costly incidents. Our expertise allows us to identify potential issues as well as anticipate organizational needs which will result in tangible savings for your company.



Our service centers offer 24/7 responsiveness and expertise: focusing on preventative care, standardization, and automation. 

Do you have your tools? Do you want to deploy them? We have all the solutions for you.

Service implementation process at IPSIP

Competitive offers, qualified personnel, leading technologies.

Peace of mind: We have contractually committed to our intervention response time (SLA).

Affordable price: Our win-win pricings enable partners to benefit from quality services on a budget.

Quality: Our team actively upskills through training programs on the latest technological developments.

24/7 monitoring service

Service package Level 1 described below stars from
4250 € /Month (excluding taxes)
24/7 human based monitoring and proactive infrastructure testing.
Incident management following procedures, escalation if necessary.
120 intervention hours/month
Intervention response time (SLA): 30 minutes

Our commitment

Make IT easy

IPSIP is an innovative company that stands out for its agility, customized offerings, and active listening to clients. Our experts attend on-going training to stay up to date with latest technologies, which enable us to implement IT solutions personalized for your business’s needs.

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