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XDR (Extended Detection & Response)

XDR is a proactive cybersecurity approach which enhances threat detection and response in regards to security incidents. It represents an evolution of EDR technology (Endpoint Detection and Response) which extends the scope of threat detection and responds to more layers of both the network and information systems.

XDR focuses on collecting and analyzing data from different sources such as endpoints, servers, cloud applications, networks, etc. Data is then correlated and analyzed to detect anormal behavior and indications of compromise. Through applying artificial intelligence and machine learning, XDR is able to identify potential threats and provide appropriate response solutions.

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What are the advantages of our XDR ?


Improved threat detection

With machine learning and artificial intelligence, our XDR combines data and analytics from various sources, which enables it to detect threats that bypass traditional security solutions. This includes sophisticated threats such as sneak attacks and organization-wide attacks.

Faster incident response

Through intelligent automation and security orchestration, our XDR supports security teams to visualize the entire context of an incident and respond promptly.

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More efficient security costs

By aggregating data from different sources, our XDR helps optimize resource utilization and reduce acquisition costs and tool management costs. Moreover, our XDR can minimize financial losses which would arise from cyber-attacks quickly identifying security breaches and responding proactively.

How to implement XDR in your organization ?

The implementation of XDR can be a complex process. It is crucial to follow the outlined practices to ensure the best chance of the project’s success.

Needs assessments: before choosing an XDR solution, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the security features your organization requires to achieve their business objectives; Identify existing security gaps in your infrastructure as well as decide which functions and capabilities you require in order to improve your security strength.

Compatibility and integration: Ensure that the XDR solution you are working on is compatible with your current infrastructure and can seamlessly integrate to your existing security tools such as your SIEM systems (Security Information and Event Management) or Intrusion Detection System (IDS).

Advanced functionality: Verify advanced functions offered by the XDR solution. More specifically, the capability of collection, correlation, and analysis of data from different endpoints and data sources to detect advanced threats.

Ease of use: The XDR solution must be user-friendly for security teams. Ensure that the solution XDR offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive dashboards to facilitate the management of alerts and incidents.

Support and services: Check the availability of technical supports and other services proposed by XDR solution vendors. Ensure that they provide adequate assistance and training services to help you make the most out of an XDR solution.

XDR, the comprehensive threat visibility

XDR solution deploys automatic actions to address security related threats. It can help to promptly contain incidents and prevent losses.

IoT Supervision

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